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 T.H.E. Journal Magazine T.H.E. Journal Magazine
Sign up for a Free Subscription to T.H.E. Journal, a resource for administrative, technical, and academic technology leaders in K-12 education. [US]

 Clorox® Clean Up the Classroom! Kit Clorox® Clean Up the Classroom! Kit
Help rid the classroom of germs that may cause illness with a Free Clorox® Clean Up the Classroom! kit. Kits can only be sent to schools. [US]

 T. A. Barron Educational Gift Box T. A. Barron Educational Gift Box
Sign up to receive a Free T. A. Barron Educational Gift Box to use in your school classroom or library. [US & CAN Educators]

 Supplemental Nutrition Education Kit Supplemental Nutrition Education Kit
Free Copy of a Supplemental Nutrition Education Kit from [US Teachers]

 Cabela's Iditarod Poster ~ Teachers Cabela's Iditarod Poster ~ Teachers
Get a Free 2008 Cabela's Iditarod Poster For Your Classroom. [US & CAN Teachers]

 Don't Laugh At Me Don't Laugh At Me
Sign up for a Free "Operation Respect: Don't Laugh At Me" packet. [US Teachers & Educators]

 Pear Bear Books, Bookmarks & Posters Pear Bear Books, Bookmarks & Posters
Order up to five Free Pear Bear Books, Bookmarks, Posters, recipes & Coloring Pages from the Pear Bureau Northwest. [US]

 Common Cents Educational Kit Common Cents Educational Kit
Free Common Cents Educational Kit from State Farm for use in home or school. [US]

 Wiggle Works Demo Disc  Wiggle Works Demo Disc
Free 'Wiggle Works' Demo Disc for educators. [US & CAN]

 Clorox® Clean Up the Classroom Kit Clorox® Clean Up the Classroom Kit
Free Clorox® Clean Up the Classroom Kit. One kit per classroom while supplies last. [US]

 Nicky's® Folders Nicky's® Folders
Free Sample of Nicky's® Folders for School Teachers & Administrators. [US]

 Teacher's Kit  Teacher's Kit
Sign up to receive a Free Teacher's Kit containing 3-ring binder materials including activities, lessons, and experiments, along with a model of the aerosol can and a VHS copy of the Another Awesome Aerosol Adventure Video. [US Teachers]

 Educational Materials Educational Materials
Free entertaining, age-appropriate educational materials. [US]

 Wildlife Conservation and Education Wildlife Conservation and Education
Free Wildlife Conservation and Education videos for schools. [US]

 Where Does the Evidence Lead Where Does the Evidence Lead
Free "Where Does the Evidence Lead" DVD for educators. [US]

 Life of the Forest Life of the Forest
Free "Life of the Forest" educational materials from International Papers. [US]

 NIDA Curriculum Materials NIDA Curriculum Materials
Free curriculum materials from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. [US Educators]

 Ayn Rand's Novels Ayn Rand's Novels
Free classroom set of Ayn Rand's novels for teachers. Will only ship to a verified school address. [US]

 History Manuals ~ Educators History Manuals ~ Educators
Free History Manuals from The History Channel for Educators. [US]

 School Mate Planners & Folders School Mate Planners & Folders
Free Planners and Folders for schools or educational institutions from School Mate. [US]

 Earth/Mars Comparison Poster ~ Teachers Only Earth/Mars Comparison Poster ~ Teachers Only
Teachers Only ~ Free Earth/Mars Comparison poster from NASA. [US]

 StarDate's Beyond the Solar System StarDate's Beyond the Solar System
Sign up to a Free Copy of StarDate's Beyond the Solar System. One sample copy request per person, per address please. Allow four to six weeks for delivery. [US Teachers]

 Timesavers for Timesavers for
Timesavers for specializes in often-used, teacher-created, classroom management forms, practical teacher tools, report card comments, worksheets and teacher resources used by teachers of all grades on a regular basis.

 EPA Educational Materials EPA Educational Materials
Sign up to receive the Free Teacher Kit, including a classroom poster, for the "We All Use Math Every Day" educational outreach program. [US Educators]

 YES Magazine YES Magazine
Free 1-year Subscription to YES Magazine. [US Educators]

 Harcourt Educational Materials Harcourt Educational Materials
Free Educational Materials for teachers, school and public librarians, reading specialists, PTA members, homeschoolers—anyone involved in the educational needs of children. You’ll find a variety of materials suitable for classroom or library use for children in grades Pre-K through 12 from Harcourt Trade Publishers. [All Educators]

 Spelling Course Spelling Course
Free Homeschool Curriculum Spelling Course. [WW]

 Mix It Up Mix It Up
Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance with Mix It Up in the Classroom Activities, Resources, and Lesson Plans. These activities are designed for teachers who want to help make welcoming schools a reality for every student. [Educators]

 Dole Educational Materials Dole Educational Materials
Free 5 A Day nutrition education materials from Dole. [US]


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